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So I m a fake

So I m a fake

So I m a fake

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    So I m a fake
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    Dugu Xiaoya
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    Yipin Books
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2022-04-26 18:09:48
Among the ancient southern tribes, there has been a terrible legend from ancient times: whenever the people prosper and the world is in turmoil, they will be born and hinder the revival of the tribe... this tribe is the Jiuli family since the defeat of Zhuolu, the Jiuli clan has been falsely rumoured to be a heresy. Some of their powerful people have been abused as "devil's way", and their skills have always been shamed by the Xuanmen sect. All the time, the "devil's family" has been oppressed by the Xuanmen Zhengdao however, all things in the world rise and fall! Xuanmen seems to be prosperous, but in fact there are many sects and intrigues. In order to be the first, there have been constant disputes. At the same time, the demons of the western regions continue to invade, but the demons are constantly taking the opportunity to rise at this time, Mr. magic mirror also predicted that the spirit baby would come to the world and the disaster would come! A bloody robbery and killing also began... but it backfired. Lingying was rescued by Xuanmen experts and disappeared from there... after many years, at the foot of Shushan mountain where the murder occurred, a gifted young man was born. After three years of primary cultivation and three years of intermediate cultivation, he stepped into the world of cultivation and learned peerless sword skills step by step, Achievements his unique physique and extraordinary talent make him more and more a descendant of the "spirit baby" in the world, and the killing of the demon clan comes one after another... however, when the answer is slowly revealed, he finds that he is just a fake

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