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The up Lord is too serious

The up Lord is too serious

The up Lord is too serious

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2803 ratings
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    The up Lord is too serious
  • Author:

    Half an immortal
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    Passion Novel
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Lin Shu, a little up Master of station B, often sent some videos to share his normal painting at station B in high school however, before entering the University, Lin Shu released his first video of drawing on PS with a hand-painted board at station B: "childhood memories: Jingxiang's wedding dress" less than ten hours after its release, it was even popular therefore, after entering the University, Lin Shu's painting style seems to be out of control on the crooked road devil Xiaoyu, blue rabbit, Shiji empress, beautiful sheep and grey wolf, jiarannie, Ali, tiger king... comments on station B: [peach jam] "my childhood is gone!" [pie star] "it's agreed to only draw Jingxiang. Why do you even draw clothes?" [sage time]: "if you have this painting skill, don't go abroad to become famous, stay in station B and be a small up master?" Lin Shu: I'm really a serious up Lord. My first intention is to teach everyone to draw!

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