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When Conan had the system

When Conan had the system

When Conan had the system

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    When Conan had the system
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    Author avmmmv
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    Health Books
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2022-02-23 15:50:09
There are many mysteries in the dark and murderous opportunities in the fog throw away all the impossibilities and the only possibility left. No matter how outrageous and unimaginable this possibility is, it is the truth because there is only one truth what will happen when Conan has the system and comes to the Xianxia position as long as the case is solved, it can be upgraded. As long as the case is solved, it can become an immortal. In the world of immortal Xia, there are difficult and miscellaneous diseases, all kinds of ten thousand year mysteries and all kinds of truths are covered up by history I'm sorry... I'm here. The truth will be excavated and the truth of history covered up will be known to the world sorry, I'm here. I'm the scavenger of Xianxia world!

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